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Please join us on the Teacher Member level of Forsooth! (teachingshakespeare.folger.edu) for two weeks of special access to and professional learning with Skip Nicholson, beloved mentor teacher in the Folger family, high school English teacher for over 40 years, AP English and NCTE superstar, and faculty at UC-Riverside Extension!

On Thursday, May 10th, at 8:00PM ET, Skip will be hosting a live chat—in a supercool chat box on the Teacher Member homepage! Skip will take YOUR questions for one whole hour, and about any teaching topic that’s on your mind. Skip is an expert in teaching all kinds of students with all kinds of skills and challenges and aspirations. He has lots of wisdom and practical tools for teaching reading, literature, writing, film, and more. If you’re in the AP English universe, you know Skip’s is a household name. He’s a total rock star and a dear friend.

All this is free for Teacher Members of the Folger Shakespeare Library. We hope you’ll join us for an evening of great professional conversation on May 10th, and before then, please hop on Forsooth! to present any questions or stories ahead of time. Skip is visiting a range of communities of Forsooth! these days.

If you’re not yet a Teacher Member, join today and take advantage of Skip’s run as our expert teacher in residence.

Up next for Teacher Members: another live video PD and…yes…summer school!