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Big News from the Folger!

Teaching Colleagues,

Happy 2018! We are finally able to announce to the universe—and we totally consider each and all of you our universe!—two major steps in our ability to better serve you and your work. Huzzah! We are totally psyched to share this with all of you. Here we go:

  • Short Prologue #1 (i.e. quick contextual reminder): Late last spring, we mentioned to all of you that we had a big project underway, and many of you graciously volunteered to be a part of the BETA development group. A smaller number of you served in that group and helped us enormously in the creation and implementation of all of this. Bless you.

And . . . you all know that at Folger Education, there are three big truths that inform all of our work:

  • You do the most important work on earth. Period.
  • You like to connect with the Folger. You’ve told us that you value our smart resources—a library full of the world’s largest Shakespeare collection and almost 40 years of working with teachers on teaching Shakespeare.
  • You love to connect with other teachers, and it’s important for us to facilitate that as much as we can.

BIG HEADLINE: So . . . out of these three truths have come TWO NEW POWERFUL ENGINES—all for you. And we will continue to build and grow them with you, too. Why is this all such a big deal? Because for the first time ever, everything that the Folger has to offer you and your classroom can be at your fingertips, all the time, wherever you are. A real community in real time. These two overlap a bit, and here’s how:

FIRST: Forsooth!, our online teacher community that features lesson plans, discussion with teachers across the country, sessions with scholars, experienced teachers, actors, and directors. Check it out here: teachingshakespeare.folger.edu. Some of Forsooth! is free . . . more free resources than we have ever made available before. Loads of stuff. And some of what Forsooth! has to offer costs a bit. Hang on and keep reading.

SECOND: A SPECIAL FOLGER MEMBERSHIP FOR TEACHERS, the newest way for the Folger and teachers to belong to each other! The membership costs $40/year (. . . and currently this is entirely tax-deductible, though we are located two blocks from the Capitol and there is a lot of tax gab going on there at the moment). Benefits of this membership? Check them all out by going here or by taking a look at our new Teacher Member brochure. The ones that appeal to me that most are:

  • Access to all of Forsooth!: 300—and counting—teaching resources and 23 discussion communities, plus monthly live-streamed PD and Teacher Member spotlights.
  • If you join in the near future, a fabulous Teacher Member t-shirt.
  • A discount in the Folger shop (that increases during the holiday season).
  • An all-day workshop here just for Teacher Members on March 24, 2018.

Check all of this out!