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“William’s My Man… Your Books Still Poppin’!” (and Other Awesome Texts from Your Classrooms)

Thank you, teachers and students everywhere, for texting Will Shakespeare your fabulous birthday messages! We’re sharing a few today on this blog and on Twitter (@FolgerEd), and we’ll even read some more on The Wonder of Will LIVE, our live streaming event on CSPAN2 and Folger.edu… taking place on the big day itself, April 23rd!

Want to join the fun? Have your classes text Shakespeare a creative birthday message! Have each class period or student—and YOU—text a birthday message of 20 or fewer words, including (a) first name (or class period), (b) school name, and (c) state, to William Shakespeare at this number:  414-4-FOLGER (414-436-5437).

Will’s been hearing from A LOT of you… here’s just a small sampling of the wonderful wishes dancing right through cyberspace and into his heart: 

  • “Happy birthday Shakespeare! I’ve been reading your works for 3 years and it has been a lot of fun. Thanks!” – Joel, Punahou School, Hawaii
  •  “Iago is my spirit animal! Happy birthday!” – Daisy, El Dorado HS, Texas
  • “Happy birthday. William’s my man. I know you’re not alive but your books still poppin’!” – Felix, Monsignor Pace HS, Florida
  • “Happy birthday, you literary genius old fart! You seem like a cool guy.” – Elise, Notre Dame Academy, Wisconsin
  • “Cordial birthday wishes to our most prodigious playwright.” – LaYow, West Windsor Plainsboro, New Jersey
  •  “Thank you for blessing us with your works of literature! Happy birthday, Shakespeare!” –  Bubacar, DeWitt-Clinton HS, New York
  • Clinton DeWitt School NYC
    Clinton DeWitt School NYC
  • “Happy birthday, Will!” – Mr. Scribner’s classes, Westland MS, Maryland
  •  “What the dickens? 400 years! Happy birthday and deathday to you, Shakespeare!” – Chloe, Red Bank Catholic HS, New Jersey
  • “Happy birthday, bro. Stay safe out there and thanks for teaching me a new language.”  – Anthony, El Dorado HS, Texas
  • “Happy bday, homie, you da best man. Keep slaying!” – RayJay, Canarelli MS, Nevada
  • “Happy Birthday, Shakespeare. I love Macbeth. Thanks for writing it!” – Mikayla, Grade 3 at Delta West Academy, Alberta, Canada
  • “We salute you!” Barklie, Saint Edward’s School, Florida
  • “ ‘To do a great right do a little wrong.’” Man of many wise and graceful words. Happy birthday, William Shakespeare.” – Tiffany, Monsignor Pace HS, Florida
  • “In more sorrow than in anger, although you are a canker blossom, all the best, Happy Birthday.” – Scott, Red Bank Catholic HS, New Jersey
  • “Happy birthday, Mr. Shakes! Keep it real up there!” – Josh, University of Arkansas at Monticello
  • “You have inspired many worldwide, the least we can do is text you happy birthday! Have a great day!” – Michael, Monsignor Pace HS, Florida

Keep these birthday texts coming, check back here and on Twitter for more, and tune in on Saturday at noon ET to hear all kinds of famous people share their Shakespeare stories (and even more of your texts!).

Party—and play—on!