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First Folios Everywhere!

The Folger—actually, the world!—is in full swing celebrating 400 years of Shakespeare, as we send Shakespeare’s First Folio to every US state, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico this year.  You’ve heard us talk about the tour before, but today I want to share what great opportunities are awaiting you and your students.


For YOU:

As part of the First Folio tour, every state will hold at least one FREE workshop for teachers using materials the Folger Education team created just for you!  You will learn all about the First Folio and how it was printed. I warn you that this knowledge may change forever how you look at Shakespeare’s text, and how you teach it. At this point, 25 workshops have already taken place this year, and at least 35 more are still to come.  If you want to join all this teaching and learning, visit the First Folio Tour webpage and search for the exhibition closest to you on our interactive tour map.



If you are able, I highly recommend bringing your students on a field trip to see the First Folio. Get in touch with the tour stop closest to you and see what programs or support they can provide. This experience is something they will carry with them forever.  When you do visit the First Folio don’t forget to post a group shot on social media with the hashtag #SHX400.  Here are a few of my favorites so far, from South Dakota, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Feel free to contact me (mcote@folger.edu) with any questions about the tour.  I hope to meet you and your students around a First Folio soon!