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Apply to the Teaching Shakespeare Institute 2016!


***Our blog will be on hiatus until January 7, 2016. Please check back then for a new post!***

Teaching Shakespeare 2016 is open for business!  Consider applying and/or urge your wonderful, energetic, intellectually hungry and curious colleagues to apply.  A full, full month–June 26th through July 23rd–with a rock star faculty and 24 teaching colleagues.  What could be better? Since 1984, the National Endowment for the Humanities has supported this work:  an intense, month-long study of three plays from three essential perspectives: scholarship, performance, and the secondary school classroom. For our faculty and staff, the chance to work in depth with teachers is not only an honor, but our most exciting work. And we are particularly excited about Teaching Shakespeare 2016, the year in which the world will celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Our theme is America’s Shakespeare.

(Folger Shakespeare Library)
(Folger Shakespeare Library)

In that spirit, and closely aligned with the Library’s groundbreaking America’s Shakespeare exhibit, you’ll be collaborating with a rock star institute faculty and Folger staff to get deep inside OthelloThe Merchant of Venice, and The Tempest. The work is fast-paced, exhilarating, and challenging; there are moments when it can be overwhelming too.

Our theory is this: you and your work (and your students) are so important to us that in every moment of a Teaching Shakespeare month, we want to offer you an experience, an opportunity, a new horizon that you couldn’t get anywhere else, at any other time. If you are looking for a program in which there is lots of time to reflect, to see the sights in DC, to get a break from your busy teaching year . . . those are all worthy goals, but I’d suggest most respectfully that this may not be the program for you. If you’re high energy, a natural collaborator, looking to learn about Shakespeare and teaching Shakespeare, please apply!  More info at http://www.folger.edu/teaching-shakespeare-2016.

Christmas is close at hand, Hanukkah just now a memory, and Eid seems a long, long way away.  In the midst of a world that feels so chaotic, please accept our thanks for doing such important work and our wish for a lovely vacation.

And, to edit Miep only a bit, from The Diary of Anne Frank:  Peace in 2016.