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The Best Thing You’ve Heard, Round 2

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OK, everyone. Your students and fellow teachers have so many compelling things to say that we simply had to keep posting your responses to our Bard Notes call. Read on, and enjoy. We hope that you’re all still loving this school year! Thanks to colleagues like you, we sure are.


“Michael, an 8th grader in Lexington City Schools, examined a 16th century hornbook and said, ‘And he wrote all that, with a shorter alphabet than ours?’” – Eric Wilson


“In answer to a meeting icebreaker, ‘What would you do with a million dollars?’ Response:  ‘I’d like to give a lot away; I’ve always wanted to.’” – Bill Lambert


“This fruit tastes so good, it’s like getting to know someone.” –Ari Brooks


“At Thursday’s open house last week a former student of mine, now in 7th grade, approached me.  We hugged and I admired how much he’d grown since I last saw him in third grade.  His one and only question for me was… ‘Mrs. Everson, do you still teach Shakespeare?  I was so touched…he remembered performing Macbeth in our third grade class!’” – Mrs. Everson


Hotspur would never consider paternity leave.” – Gregg Marshall


“‘You have to meet kids where they’re at,’ said Elinor Scully, Head, The Langley School” – Robin Tatu


“Most compelling moments of the last week: A new teacher orientation speaker who read the poem ‘First Lesson‘ by Phillip Booth. Carries such beautiful and touching messages for both teachers and students at the beginning of a new school year!” – Julia Wharton

(Image: Folger)
(Image: Folger)