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Teaching Shakespeare Institute: Week One, Almost Done

As we draw near to the end of the first week of TSI, we wanted to give you a glimpse into how things are going so far.

The days are just packed! Our TSI teachers have acted on the Folger stage, looked through rare materials in our Reading Room, interacted with scholars in focused seminars, worked through curriculum ideas, and much more.

Here’s a short excerpt from a post by Dan Bruno, who is blogging about his TSI experience over at the NCTE High School Matters blog. Dan is talking here about what it’s like to participate in the TSI seminars:

Having a scholar lead the group was both enlightening, informative, and transformative. For every cogent, salient point a seminar member made, the scholar was able to expand and deepen our understanding. This experience is another that you should consider invaluable and should lead you to apply for the next TSI.

And just to give you some more tastes of what’s happening around the Folger, check out #tsifolger on Twitter: