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“Is all your family within?”

Children participating in a Shake Up Your Saturdays family event at the Folger

One of the most exciting weekends at Folger is Family Fun day, when we “Shake up Saturday” with a program for students and parents.

This past Saturday, we had children and families sharing the stage as we learned about Elizabethan theatre and Shakespeare’s time. Then we worked together to perform a short version of Twelfth Night, with children ages 6 to 12 speaking Shakespeare’s lines from the Folger stage. Parents and families cheered mightily from the audience.

We also looked at drawings of theatres in Shakespeare’s time and discussed what it would have been like to put on a play. We saw a copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, and even a bracelet made out of Edwin’ Booth’s hair. (For information about upcoming programs, visit www.folger.edu.)

What we experienced was family fun with Shakespeare. What we also experienced was parent involvement in their children’s learning.

At Folger, we love it when students and families learn together. We throw upon our doors to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday and invite children and families to experience Shakespeare and learn together.

Studies show that parental involvement in their children’s learning has numerous positive outcomes. Children with involved parents are more likely to attend school consistently, value education, do well in school, graduate, and pursue further education. Support of children’s learning in and out of school make a significant difference to children’s learning success.

Folger Family programs are one way we try to bring families into the world of their children’s learning. How do you encourage students to share their learning experiences with their parents and families?

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