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Shakespeare Magazine Redux


I was fortunate to be the co-founder and co-editor of Shakespeare Magazine, a publication of Georgetown University and Cambridge University Press. Together with my co-editor, Nancy Goodwin and later, Martha Harris, we were in existence from 1996 to 2003. Our audience was mainly teachers, but our reach extended to theater companies and the general public.

 Until recently, some of our archives lived on our Website, created and hosted by Amy Ulen. But alas, all things come to an end (or do they?) and the site was closed. But I managed to salvage the featured articles from the site, and I’ve posted some of my favorites below. I hope you enjoy them.


One of my favorite features of the magazine was the Broadsheet, located on the inside back cover. Simply stated, these were one-page, copy-ready handouts for teachers.  I’ve converted several of these to PDFs and posted them below. Check them out:

Exit lines
Early Modern Marriage
Aaron, the Moor
80 Odd Words
Throwing Lines
Othello Word Frequency

If any of you were subscribers, I’d love to hear from you, so do comment below.



  • I have eight issues in my bookshelf and really enjoyed reading this magazine as a young teacher. It definitely helped foster my joy for Teaching Shakespeare. Time to start a new era MIke and get this magazine rolling again!

  • That is what I was wondering! How many were produced? Around 20? Are there any issues locked away in the LoMonico basement anywhere that one could get their hands on?

  • I was a subscriber and still have a complete set of the magazine. As I started teaching Shakespeare this semester, I took out Mike’s article from Vol. 7, issue 3, “Some Random Thoughts about Teaching Shakespeare,” which, when I read it the first time almost 10 years ago, seemed to articulate most of the techniques I had come to believe in. That was when I first got interested in attending the Shakespeare Teaching Institute. I share the article when people ask me how I approach Shakespeare instruction.

  • Loved the magazine! The Folgers Institute 1996 made me the Shakespeare teacher I was from that time until retirement 2013
    My students loved doing Shakespeare-strategies from. Institute and magazine!!!!!

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