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A Day in the Life of the TSI Interns

For each summer of the Teaching Shakespeare Institute, Folger Education brings in two dedicated interns specifically for the program. Hannah and Megan, this year’s interns, share what their average day during TSI has been so far:

6:00am: Hannah’s alarm goes off. Hannah is living on site at the Folger with other TSI Faculty members.

6:20am: Hannah arrives at Folger offices and turns on the photocopier.

6:30am: Megan’s alarm goes off. Megan lives at American University with TSI Participants.

6:49am: Megan has first cup of coffee.

7:45am: Bus departs from AU to the Folger, participants (and faculty member Caleen Sinette-Jennings!) in tow. Lunch orders are collected on the bus.

8:00am: Hannah makes coffee for the participants, for which they are very grateful.

8:15am: Bus arrives at the Folger. Participants are greeted by the smiling Faculty and treats made by the lovely Caitlin Griffin! (Editor’s Note: gawrsh!)

9:00am: Homeroom starts. Hannah wins one of the day’s prizes, “Flipping Shakespeare.” Together interns do first Starbucks run of the day and drop off lunch orders (multi-tasking!).

9:30am: Hannah attends lecture by Professor Margaret Maurer, “Duplicity in the Comedy of Errors.”

10-11am: Last minute preparations for the day, including making the Shakespearean dialogue cards for today’s Curriculum Session, “Two-Line Shakespeare Plays.”

11:30am: Pick up lunch. Megan sits in on the lunchtime colloquium with Erin Blake, the Curator of Art and Special Collections to learn about the Folger’s collection.

12:45pm: Second Starbucks run of the day. (Interns operate on caffeine.)

1:51pm: Interns are forced to write blog post about TSI. (Editor’s Note: asked politely!)

2:30pm: Megan sets up rehearsal spaces for the Performance Sessions. Hannah does final preparations for Saturday’s trip to Staunton, VA to see the Merchant of Venice.

3:00pm: High Tea at the Folger! Interns speak with scholars about the research they’re doing in the Library.

3:30pm: Megan and Hannah attend lecture by Barbara Mowat, Director of Research and Editor of the Folger Editions, “Editing Shakespeare.”

5:00pm: Megan leaves with the participants on the bus to AU.

5:30pm: Hannah finishes preparations for the next morning and gets frozen yogurt with the Faculty members.

6:07pm: Interns collapse.

Hannah is a recent graduate of Vassar College, and Megan is a recent graduate of American University. We are very lucky to have them both, and very grateful that they shared their experience with us today! It’s only 4 weeks, but it can feel a lot longer when you’re this busy!

Check back next week for more from TSI faculty and (hopefully) participants!

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  • The Folger interns are a rare mix of enthusiasm, dedication, intelligence, and extreme likeability. Their contributions to TSI in particular and teaching Shakespeare in general gives me confidence in the future.

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