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You Are Pictures Out of Doors,

The weather in Washington, DC this week has been just beautiful. Maybe it has been where you are, too? Bright sunshine, warm breezes, mild temperatures…

Students parade outside with Queen Elizabeth I during the 2010 Children's Festival

As I gaze wistfully out of my window, pondering how useful it would be to attempt business on a laptop in our Garden for the rest of the afternoon, I wonder if any of your students are feeling the itch to be Out of Doors as well!

Yes, the chorus of “Can we have class OUTSIDE?!” can be a little tedious, and you know it’s just an excuse to have another recess, but what a difference being outdoors can make on their Shakespeare!

As we know, many Shakespearean festivals all over the world still perform outside, and some even without stages or lights at all! In the Globe itself, performances went on with the open air right above the groundlings’ heads. What sort of impact did this make on their performances? How does it change the experience now?

Try a few of your activities outside on a nice day, and let us know how it goes! I’ll let you know if the laptop-Garden situation ever resolves itself, too.

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