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Don't Miss Out On "Experiencing Shakespeare"

Only two weeks to go before “Experiencing Shakespeare”, Folger Education’s first electronic field trip, brings thousands of students in grades 6-12 to the Folger Shakespeare Library. Are you registered? If not, click here to register for this free one-hour program. I wrote about the program in a February 7th blog posting, and it occurred to me today that there might be teachers who read this blog who have participated in electronic or virtual field trips before who might comment on that experience. If you have been part of an electronic or virtual field trip, what was the experience like for you and your students? What was the benefit for you and your students to visit a place you physically couldn’t get to from your school? Where did you go on this trip? Our partner in this program, Alabama Public Television, recently conducted an electronic field trip to Mount Vernon, and thousands of students participated. Could electronic and/or virtual field trips make the world even smaller for teachers and students?

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