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Thou hast it now:

While there are many student Shakespeare Festivals all over the world, some teachers might feel trepidation at cutting, directing, casting, rehearsing and organizing a performance for their class.

One of our SSO teaching artists, and long-time Docent of the Folger, Amy Thompson, has been doing that very process for the last few years at Nottingham Elementary in Virginia. This year, she has decided to document her process of producing Macbeth with 5th graders, who will be performing in May.

Third Witch First Murderer

If you’ve never produced a student Shakespeare before, or have wondered how others are doing it, Amy’s blog is very specific to her process. The pain of cutting the text to less than half an hour, the creativity in doubling the cast, the process of auditioning 5th graders, and the excitement of beginning rehearsals.

It’s certainly worth keeping up with, and we’d love to hear about your experiences, too! Let us know how your rehearsals are going in the comments, or if you’ve ever kept a production blog for your classroom performances!

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