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Shakespeare Set Free Workshops

When teachers attend one of Folger Education’s Shakespeare Set Free  workshops, they are introduced to instructional strategies and activities for their classrooms that are designed to help students engage with Shakespeare’s language, build confidence in their ability to read and make meaning of the plays, and have fun while doing so.  Teachers actually do the exercises with a Folger facilitator that they will be doing with their students in their own classrooms. They work with activities from the Folger toolkit so they are prepared to use it to support their work with students. There is also half-day workshop for teachers who want to integrate technology with their teaching of the plays and sonnets.  Recently, Folger Education began offering a three-hour Shakespeare Set Free workshop that helps teachers get started with introducing Shakespeare’s language to students.  For Folger Education, working with teachers presents opportunities to see dedicated, talented, and caring teachers come together to explore Shakespeare’s writitng in ways that will help them and their students get more out of their experience with the Bard’s work.  Facilitators often report that at the end of a workshop with teachers, they feel grateful to know that students are in classes with such terrific teachers.  What kind of workshop experiences have you had with teaching Shakespeare?

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