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Bob Young and I were invited to speak at the Cambridge Shakespeare Conference: Sources and Adaptations from September 9-11 at Homerton College, part of Cambridge University.

In our presentation, part of “Teaching Shakespeare in America,” we demonstrated some of the innovative approaches to teaching Shakespeare that we have developed.

Here are the other Education presentations:

  • Shakespeare’s source material: active approaches for students – participatory panel session with Perry Mills, Rob Smith and Jane Coles, editors of volumes in the Cambridge School Shakespeare series. Chaired by James Stredder. 
  • Creative approaches to Shakespeare in the classroom – the use of a variety of art forms in the classroom, in order to ‘recreate’ and ‘reinterpret’ Shakespeare’s texts (based on the Platonic notion of Ekphrasis). 
  • Play out the play: Active approaches to Shakespeare with the under 12’s  – led by Sarah Gordon, Artistic Director of The Young Shakespeare Company. 
  • Teaching Shakespeare in America: theatre companies  and young audiences -the  Education Department of the Tony Award-winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Joan Langley & Kirsten Giroux) and RSC  Education in New York City  (Tracy Irish, Education Programme Developer, RSC) and  John S. Kuhn (PhD Graduate Student, Ohio State University). 
  • Shakespeare for non-English speaking teenagers – a workshop led by Lucia Garcia Magdali and Antonio León Sendra, University of Córdoba, Spain.
  • Shakespearean initiatives with dyslexia; Shakespeare and service-learning in prisons; and a cautionary word on the use of performance in teaching Shakespeare

Some of the other highlights of the conference were performances of “I, Caliban,” a one-monster interpretation of The Tempest, “Hamlet House of Horror,” and “Mamillius,” a sequel to The Winter’s Tale.  

In addition, plenary sessions featured Michael Rosen on Books on Shakespeare for Children, Stuart Sillars on Painting Shakespeare,  the poet Carol Ann Duffy, “We are all Shakespeare’s Children,” Trevor Nunn, Tim Supple, and Stanley Wells, “Shakespeare on Film,” and Graham Holderness on “Adapting Shakespeare’s Biography.”

We look forward to participating in the 2012 Worlds Together Shakespeare Conference in London.

World Shakespeare Festival 2012

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