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Shakespearean Landmarks

The spirit of Shakespeare is everywhere.

I was recently on holiday visiting my husband’s relatives in Belgium, and on a canal tour of Brugge we passed a sweet little window which the tour guide called the Romeo and Juliet window. “You thought they were from Italy, no? England? No. BELGIUM!

We were surprised. Some internet searching lent no credence to the, admittedly, off-hand remark by our guide, but the building is a feature on the lovely canal, and local mythology includes a pair of star-cross’d lovers who lived near what is now “the Lake of Love.”

This made me wonder about other countries’ contributions of “Shakespearean” landmarks. There is an Elsinore in Denmark, and Juliet’s Balcony in Italy, but what about Dunsinane castle? Would you visit the Forest of Arden? Is there a Caribbean Island claiming to be the scene of The Tempest?

Do you know of any “Shakespearean” landmarks in your travels?

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