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Kids doing Shakespeare

My apologies for the brief hiatus – last week was our 32nd Children’s Festival! 30 classes from DC, MD, VA (and even NY) came to perform on the Folger stage (on the set of Cyrano no less!), and brought incredible energy and life to Shakespeare’s plays.

students from Brookland Educational Campus in Washington DC perform 'The Tempest'

Kids love Shakespeare. There’s magic and poetry, violence and romance, and exciting characters to portray. We saw Helenas with more sass, Ariels with more pep, and Macduffs with more wrath than you would expect from 3rd-6th grade students!

If you are an elementary teacher, tell us about what your students respond to most when you teach them about Shakespeare! Please also consider registering for our Elementary Educators Conference taking place here next month. We love hearing stories from the front lines of education – and we want to know what your students want from Shakespeare!

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