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One of the things Folger Education has been working on this year is the development of an online course on MACBETH.  If you’ve ever taken an online course, what was your experience with it?  We plan to offer an eight-week course, meeting once each week for 90 minutes, starting in mid-February.  Would you be interested in joining a group of classroom teachers as they demonstrate performance-based approaches to teaching MACBETH?  The major elements to be covered in the course include language exploration, verbalizing the inner arguments of the soliloquies, editing and cutting the text, using video and the latest technology to enhance instruction.  And we expect teachers taking the course to be able to share their own teaching strategies with colleagues from across the country.  Let us know what you think about this idea.


  • I think it’s a great idea. I earned my entire master’s online, and you want to think about the following things: 1) make sure the technology you use to deliver the course is updated and works—we often used outdated tech, which is bad in a technology program (though you’re not talking about tech program, I still think it applies); 2) make sure there are opportunities to interact with facilitators and fellow students—we did so little of that, and I felt completely disconnected from my school and classmates, except for a few I connected with on Facebook; 3) busywork is busywork whether it’s online or offline—Folger knows how to do this right, but with online classes, sometimes the coursework devolves into busywork; 4) make it meaty and substantial—it can be easy to be too superficial with online coursework; 5) offer students choices, and if they have a suggestion for a new tool or a better way to do something, listen—my own instructors had a problem with that; 6) make the content relevant and allow students to select options relevant to them.

  • We are registering people for our online course, which starts on Tuesday, February 15th, at 7 p.m. eastern time.

    Fee: $80 (Includes our Shakespeare Set Free Toolkit, a comprehensive resource for teaching Shakespeare)

    Registration deadline is February 4. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of all 8 sessions and any assignments.

    Questions? Need more information? Contact: Educate@folger.edu

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