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Vampires, Zombies, and Shakespeare

Vampire mania has taken over the world. It seems that other supernatural creatures are not far behind them. And all of this is particularly prevalent among the younger, Twilight-adoring, Edward-vs-Jacob crowd (Although perhaps there has always been an allure towards vampires: I will admit, I loved The Lost Boys and Interview with a Vampire in their day. But I digress.). And slowly, our supernatural obsession may be seen taking over past classic works…has anyone yet spotted this new book in their local Barnes & Noble?

This whole craze leads me to wonder how long it will be before Shakespeare is roped into the mania as well. And what form will it take? Much Ado About Werewolves? Twelfth Night of the Living Dead? Romeo and Juliet Eaten by Vicious, Man-Eating Goblins? Or perhaps I’m already behind the times – has anyone already seen such books published?

Which leads me to a final question: How might the craze towards the super-natural be harnessed for the literary forces of good and not evil? How might we, as lovers of Shakespeare, English, and Plain Good Writing use the influence of Twilight to pique our students interest in the works of the Bard? Any ideas?