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You're Quoting Shakespeare!

A few years ago, we put together a poster of words and phrases that Shakespeare  is credited with having used first in his plays.  These included, “as luck would have it,” “vanish into thin air,” “too much of a good thing,” and so on.  When we gave the poster to teachers, they looked at it and noted that we forgot to include some of their favorites.  “Too many to include on one poster,” we responded.  Well, we’re looking to create a new poster, so here’s your chance to let us know  the ones you think we should include on it.  But, before you do, consider that “green-eyed monster” and “dead as a doornail” are already taken.  So, send us your favorites, but give us some “elbow room” so we’ll be able to “budge and inch” when we look at your choices.  Rest assured, we won’t get them all in “one fell swoop,” and they’ll be no “foul play … for goodness sake” when we make our final selections.  And we won’t act “without rhyme or reason.”  What are your favorites?