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Shakespeare and Summer: Reading a good book or watching a good movie

Recent blogs have focused on books or movies based on Shakespeare’s plays.  A book by Suzanne Harper, The Juliet Club, was just released in paperback, in time for summer reading.  A new film Letters to Juliet,  opens in movie theaters this Friday.  The book has gotten some good reviews.  The movie trailer looks promising.  Another book, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wrobewski will remind readers of Hamlet.  What books have you read, or movies have you seen, based on a Shakespeare play?  With summer approaching, do you have any recommendations?


  • I LOVED most of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (though ironically, it was mostly the NON-Shakespeare influenced parts that I enjoyed the most).

    That said, when summer hits, the first thing in my mind is outdoor theater. Live Shakespeare is where it’s at for me. In the Baltimore area, the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company does an outdoor double header in June, and some friends and I go every year. It’s just a totally different experience, and it screams “summertime” to me.

  • I had completely forgotten about Edgar Sawtelle – another book I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a great look at the characters in a different setting – though my affinity for canines often got me more choked up than perhaps was warranted.

    I have always wanted to see outdoor Shakespeare. Thanks to Scott, I might see about getting a group of friends up to the Chesapeake area this summer – or take a weekend trip up to Delaware where my fiance is designing the lights for Macbeth out of doors.

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