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Teaching with the Folger Macbeth DVD

It’s been  less than three months since the Folger Macbeth DVD became available, both at the NCTE Conference and through our shop and on Amazon.com. In adition to the 2-hour play, the DVD also boasts eight Special Features.  They are:

  • Capturing Macbeth film trailer takes you inside the critically-acclaimed production.
  • Directing Macbeth demonstrates the process that Aaron Posner and Teller go through to mount the stage production.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth takes a close look at what motivates these complex characters by interviews with the actors and directors.
  • Acting Macbeth gives fascinating insight into how actors prepare for their roles.
  • Comedy in Macbeth illustrates how the tension in the play is often relieved by humor, with a special focus on the role of the Porter.
  • Blood Will Have Blood gives a behind-the-scenes look at how stage blood is used to create a “horror show” atmosphere in Macbeth.
  • The Weird Sisters explores the directors’ unique choices in how to portray these extraordinary—and controversial—characters
  • Stage Combat explains how the fight director coaches the actors to create a unique fighting style and believable battle sequences.

You can even read the transcripts of each of these on our site.

So we’d like to learn what you early adopters of the DVD think about it and more importantly, we’d like you to tell us how you might use the play and the Special Features in teaching Macbeth. Try to be as specific as you can. We’re really curious how you might teach the play if every one of your students had the book WITH the DVD.

Thanks in advance for your comments.