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Through Fresh Eyes

This week, the High School Fellowship class gave their final presentations on their semester-long research paper and illumination projects. It’s always exciting to see what they’ve come up with to present. Near the beginning of the semester, they’re given the parameters for their project: write a 5 page research paper on one of the 3… Continue Reading »

Once more into the planning stages for HENRY V!

Folger Theater will soon start rehearsals for Henry V.  The Folger Education team meets ahead of the rehearsal kick-off to brainstorm ideas for the study guide.  We create a study guide for each of the Shakespeare plays that gets produced at the Folger and archive them on our study guide web page for teachers to… Continue Reading »

NCTE Las Vegas, Nov 15-19, 2012

~by Carol Kelly “We hope that what happens here in Vegas this week , does NOT stay in Vegas!” This was the opening message to all attendees at the National Council for Teachers of English conference. Teachers from all over the country assembled to attend sessions on the newest ideas for literacy, sample the latest… Continue Reading »

How Pro do you Go?

As teachers and students begin preparing to perform a Shakespeare play, questions arise that may not have been considered: Where are the costumes coming from? What props do we need? How can we set the scene? For our festival schools, we encourage a minimal amount of props and costumes – it’s easier to transport, and… Continue Reading »

"All Thanksgiving Cheer Be Thine"

With just a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I thought that I’d do a quick internet search to see what I could find when I entered “Shakespeare and Thanksgiving” into the search box.  Wow! An incredible number of resources popped up on my screen.  The American Shakespeare Center has a page of responses sent in by… Continue Reading »

The Power of Language

Shakespeare’s England was not overseen by a democratic government. Monarchs ruled for life, and successors were chosen based on royal bloodlines or who won which war. Despite this, Shakespeare knew that the public’s perception of a monarch went a long way towards the success of their reign. He gave his characters the power of language… Continue Reading »

Look to Like Us!

Folger Education is proud to announce that we have branched into our own Facebook Page this week! Over the past year or so, different divisions of the Folger have been branching from the parent Folger Library page to give more specific information of interest to their audience. Maybe you’ve already Liked all of the Folger… Continue Reading »