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@Hamlet: Twitter in the Classroom

The internet is a growing teaching resource and tool, especially when approaching Shakespeare and literature. Digital Theatre projects like Such Tweet Sorrow and Much Ado About N<3thing doubled as insights into familiar characters as well as cautionary tales regarding responsibility, communication, and cyber-bullying. We’ve discussed Twitter and Facebook’s influence on student–teacher communication before, but one teacher has… Continue Reading »

A Crime to Teach Shakespeare as We Do Now

Don’t be alarmed. My headline doesn’t apply to most of you who are followers of this Blog. And I don’t mean to malign or indict  other Shakespeare teachers. So please read on. That headline appeared in an article in the NY Times in 1916 on the 300th commemoration of Shakespeare’s death. Plans are already underway at the Folger… Continue Reading »

Know’st Me Not by My Clothes?

We take a break from this Festival week to discuss clothing and costumes in Shakespeare’s plays. Though costumes are not required or even recognized in our Festival, there’s definitely a lot to discuss about them! ~by Carol Ann Lloyd Stanger Clothing and identity are intricately woven (pun sort of intended) in Shakespeare’s own world and in… Continue Reading »

Shakespeare Can Change Your Life

~excerpts borrowed from Docent and Teacher Amy Thompson at thirdwitchfirstmurderer.wordpress.com. This past weekend, a young couple, Colin and Stephanie, came to the Folger for a tour (which Amy gave), after having performed in the Secondary Festival many times together when they were in high school. Since it was a beautiful day in Washington, DC, I… Continue Reading »

You Are Pictures Out of Doors,

The weather in Washington, DC this week has been just beautiful. Maybe it has been where you are, too? Bright sunshine, warm breezes, mild temperatures… As I gaze wistfully out of my window, pondering how useful it would be to attempt business on a laptop in our Garden for the rest of the afternoon, I wonder… Continue Reading »

It's Shakespeare Festival Season!

At the Folger, March kicks off the annual festival season.  Beginning next week, students and their teachers from 56 secondary schools in and around DC will come to tread the boards of the Folger theater.  What a celebration of Shakespeare’s language!  Fourteen hundred students will present scenes, abridged versions (using Shakespeare’s language), and montages from 19 of the plays… Continue Reading »

A plague a both your houses!

~by Carol Ann Lloyd Stanger Most teachers might think that arming students with a host of insults and asking them to hurl them at each other is NOT a good idea. But, in teaching Shakespeare, it can be the beginning of a fun learning activity. I had the opportunity today to watch two master teachers… Continue Reading »