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How Blogs Chang Everything

~by Carol Kelly What makes a good blog entry? An interesting subject? Controversial subject matter? A radical viewpoint? Or is it just witnessing the powerful influence a blog can exert? In preparing a blog entry in response to How Shakespeare Changed Everything, by Stephen Marche I found a series of fascinating blog entries in response… Continue Reading »

"I must be cruel only to be kind." (Hamlet, 3.4.199)

I attended a conference in New York recently on teaching Shakespeare where teachers reported on the outcomes of  using performance-based teaching techniques with their students.  They reported that students made pretty significant academic gains based on the work they were doing in class.  However, the teachers also reported that the teachers their students had the following year did… Continue Reading »

Reading Shakespeare Makes You Smarter?

An article by Robert McCrum of the The Observer, now a bit dated since it hails from April, scratches the surface of the idea that the process of reading Shakespeare ostensibly makes you smarter! Studies by Prof. Phillip Davis of Liverpool University have found through neurological analysis by MRI scanning that “functional shifts of syntax in Shakespeare… Continue Reading »

Who We're Reading

We are definitely not the only Shakespeare-related blog on the internet. Far from it! Here are some of our favorite people to follow for Shakespeare discussions, news, ideas, and insights. Shakespeare Geek – the self-titled Geek asks insightful questions and posits interesting ideas for Shakespeare enthusiasts to discuss and consider. Bardfilm – KJ collects Shakespeare-related… Continue Reading »

Extra – Credit: Reading Shakespeare

We’re well into the summer now (happy Fourth of July!), and it seems that lounging outside on a beautiful day with a good book is the best way to spend the time. I agree. If you happen to be reading this, though please share if you’re summer reading list includes any books or novels which… Continue Reading »