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The Play's The Thing: The Problem is Choice

Every Spring for over 30 years students from across the region have gathered in our halls buzzing with excitement in anticipation of performing at our Secondary School and Children’s Festivals. The Secondary School Festival featuring students in grades 7-12, is just around the corner in March. But close behind is the Emily Jordan Children’s Festival in May,… Continue Reading »

Teaching with the Folger Macbeth DVD

We’d like to learn what you early adopters of the DVD think about it and more importantly, we’d like you to tell us how you might use the play and the Special Features in teaching Macbeth. Try to be as specific as you can. We’re really curious how you might teach the play if every one of your students had the book WITH the DVD.

The Greeks and Shakespeare

It’s been quite a week in the District as we’ve been met with a wave of snowfall unlike we’ve seen in … well… ever!  Besides closing most of the area for a week, the snow also caused us to cancel a few of our opening week performances of ORESTES in the Theatre, which resumed performances… Continue Reading »

Elementary Shakespeare

In 2008, Folger Shakespeare Library’s Education Division held another of its Teaching Shakespeare Institutes for secondary school teachers.  Among the applications we received was one from Harvey Sadis, an elementary school teacher who lived in Seattle, Washington.  Because the grant was focused secondary school teachers, we did not offer a seat to Harvey.  Upon hearing the news that… Continue Reading »

Chasing the Complete Works of Shakespeare

A recent article in the New York Times about people who travel the world to see all of Shakespeare’s plays in performance reminded me of the New York Shakespeare Festival’s late 1980s and into the 1990s cycle of all of Shakespeare’s plays.  Proposed by Joe Papp in 1987 and set to be completed in six… Continue Reading »