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@Twittering Shakespeare#

For those of you who don’t tweet, below is an edited sampling of what the twitterers are tweeting on Twitter that mention Shakespeare. There are lots of quotes and mis-quotes and lots of languages other than English. did you know that shakespeare invented the word “puke”???? i know that i didn’t until this class. “hell is empty,… Continue Reading »

Off-Beat Hamlet

I’ve trolled through YouTube and found some wacky Hamlet humor. Here’s ‘A Small Rewrite’ made for Comic Relief, with Hugh Laurie as Shakespeare and Rowan Atkinson as the editor. Here’s Mel Gibson doing Hamlet on Monsterpiece Theater. Brian Cox teaches a young lad, perhaps his grandson, to recite Hamlet‘s famous soliloquy.  And a little boy (4 months old)… Continue Reading »

Extra Illustrations: Put a Face to the Text

Opening next week at the Folger is an exhibit about Extra-Illustration – the art of adding illustrations (and materials) to a book to make it a personal item for one’s reading experience.  The works of William Shakespeare were some of the most popular books to be illustrated in this way, next to the Bible and… Continue Reading »

Extra Credit Reading: Macbeth

With the recent release of the Folger’s Macbeth DVD Edition, I’m reminded of the wealth of inspiration to be taken from sources outside the play itself. Building a character as complex as Lady Macbeth who “is just known as the epitome of evil, this battleaxe of a possessed demonic dark force woman” (described by Kate… Continue Reading »

A Gathering at the Globe

The Shakespeare Theater Association (of America) held its annual conference in London at Shakespeare’s Globe on January 7-10. [I put “of America” in parentheses because the organization has become international and its leaders are in the process of changing its name.] The Conference theme was “Who Owns Shakespeare?” Bob Young, the Director of Education at the… Continue Reading »

Shakespeare Goes to High School (the Movie!)

As the movie industry continues to reinvent itself, Shakespeare has been a mainstay amidst developing trends.  King John was one of the first silent films, and Taming of the Shrew one of the first to receive a soundtrack. Shakespeare’s characters have even found themselves reinvented as high school students in teen movies! Similarly, as technology has… Continue Reading »