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Folger Education at NCTE

The Folger Education team is excited about our participation at the NCTE Conference in Philadelphia from 11/19-24. We hope we get to meet as many of you as possible.

Here are the highlights:

  • Our Booth will be in Aisle 700 at 730 and 732.  We will be showing off our new Teacher Toolkit and its contents which includes two DVDs, a 2GB USB flash drive with podcasts, videos, images from our collection, and lots of handouts and edited scenes. We will also be answering all of your questions about Institutes, Workshops, and the rest of our resources. Be sure to stop by.
  • The World Premiere  of the Folger’s film of Macbeth Friday night at 8:00 p.m. in the Marriott Independence Ballroom, 3rd floor. The Macbeth DVD including its collection of Special Features will be available to purchase after the screening for $10. Checks please.
  • “Teachers Set Free: Lessons Learned from Shakespeare Education at the Folger” (Workshop H.08) on Saturday morning from 11:00-12:15 features Bob Young, Julia Perlowski, and Rick Vanderwall.
  • “Teaching Shakespeare to the Class of 2020” (Workshop K.09) on Saurday afternoon from 4:15-5:30 features presentations on technology by Mike LoMonico, Josh Cabat, Cari Craighead, Chris Shamburg, and Christina Porter.
  • “Bill’s Buddies,” our traveling  group of actors will perform at a Featured Sesion (N.04) on Sunday afternoon from 1:00-2:45.
  • “Shakespeare Set Free: a Short Course from the Folger Library” is an all-day session on Monday from 9:00-3:30. It features, Bob Young, Carol Kelly, Sue Biondo-Hench, Chris Renino, and Tory Talbot. 


  • Wow…still recuperating from NCTE. I’ve been Folgerized (that’s a good thing). I got to your booth and two of your presentations–both rocked! (Missed the movie, but I heard great things about it from some colleagues).

    I hope you’re at NCTE 2010 with as much stuff (or more, maybe?). Actually, Florida is a little far for me, but the presences of the Folger will be the tipping point for my attendance.

  • This years NCTE conference was such a great experience. Being able to attend and participate with the Folger team was too cool. The highlight for me was not only a great movie ( I start the Scottish play next week) but making a connection with Paul, my neighbor to the south, who is mentoring me in the design of a new two day workshop. And then, of course, there were all of the other NCTE presenters, authors, and vendors. I encourage all teachers of English to attend the conference at least once. You will never regret it.

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